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Our Sales Partners in the MENA region

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JCP Ltd.

JCP Ltd. was established in 1977 as the nucleus of the Juffali Group's drive into the promising sectors of Chemicals and Petrochemicals. It is considered to be an 'incubator' for potential investments in this field. JCP, over the years, has spun out 6 manufacturing/assembly facilities, either as JVs with principals or under license.

Today JCP Ltd. is a leading water specialist in Saudi Arabia supplying treatment equipment such as Hydranautics reverse osmosis membranes, ProMinent dosing pumps and CFM Systems®.

JCP has been cooperating with ItN Nanovation since April 2009 and has been a strategic developmental partner in Saudi Arabia for ItN's ground water pre-treatment solution.

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AWAS, headquatered in Teheran, is an Austrian-Iranian Joint Venture offering Austrian, German, and in general European products, technology and services in the fields of water, energy and Oil & Gas to the Iranian market

Since July 2015 AWAS distributes the solutions of ItN Nanovation AG for the filtration of surface water in Iran.

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