blue wave

Single Filtration Tower

Our single filtration towers stand out with their highly modular design consisting of a variable numbers of Filtration Modules and an integrated air scouring system.

Applicable for

Drinking Water Sewage

Project Size

Small Medium

Type of Ceramic Flat MembraneCFM
Type of Filtration ModuleFiltration Module T-Series
No. of Filtration Modules*2468101216
Total Filtration Area [m²]8162432404864
Total Weight [kg]110170230290350410530
Height [mm]8601,1401,4201,7001,9802,4102,970
Width [mm]638
Length [mm]624
*Other No. of Filtration Modules upon request

Single Filtration Towers with 2/4/8/16 modules

Single Filtration Tower with 8 modules